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Dew Sterling Silver

Swan Pendant Necklace

The majestic swan is a beautiful symbol of elegance and grace, love and devotion. Also associated with the Sun (swans have been depicted as pulling the chariot of the Sun god) swans are also symbols of light, vitality, growth, purity and joy...
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Celtic Lands Sterling Silver

Welsh Lovespoon Earrings

Whether you have a Welsh connection or you're looking an alternative to the classic love heart, these sweet little love-spoons make a great gift for someone special!  According to Welsh folklore, these ornately carved spoons were traditionally made...
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Reeves & Reeves

Silhouette Heart Pave Necklace

£37.00 - £45.00
This elegantly simple silhouette heart pavé necklace is adorned with lovely bright, eye-catching pave stones, set in high shine sterling silver, for a versatile piece of jewellery that will brighten the dullest of days! Completed with an...

Reeves & Reeves

Cariad Heart Stud Earrings

£23.00 - £29.00
Named after a Welsh term of endearment, the Cariad stud earrings are a beautifully contemporary sterling silver heart shape with an eye-catching high shine finish. A gorgeous gift for a loved one :) Designed by Reeves & Reeves in Dorset,...

Reeves & Reeves

Devotion Heart Stud Earrings

£29.00 - £38.00
Dainty but exquisite sterling silver stud earrings, in perfectly formed 3D heart shapes with a wonderfully bright high shine finish Designed by Reeves & Reeves in Dorset, these stunning little stud earrings are available in sterling silver or...

Reeves & Reeves

True Love Heart Stud Earrings

£25.00 - £29.00
Show her you care with these stylish true love earrings featuring a dainty heart detail embraced by a larger heart silhouette. Designed by Reeves & Reeves in Dorset, these endearing stud earrings are available in sterling silver or with an...

Reeves & Reeves

Heart's Desire Hoop Earrings

These sterling silver heart's desire hoop earrings have a curvaceous shape, finishing in a clever heart detail. With a contemporary high shine sterling silver finish, they are perfect to peek through long hair, or to stand out with a...