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Silver Origins

Glassy Wave Ring

Sometimes the most beautiful pieces distil the complexity of nature down to the simplest of designs and this is one such example, capturing the majesty of the surf in an elegant simplicity.Materials: 925 Sterling Silver Brand: Silver Origins,...

Silver Origins

Cornish Catch Ring

A playful ring of fishes dance around your finger! A catching design combining strength and elegance while the school play follow the leader 

Silver Origins

Reef Turtle Pendant Necklace

Should you see a turtle in your dreams, it is said to represent balance & wisdom as well as protection. In Native American traditions, it was seen as a symbol of peace. Contemporary handcrafted sterling silver pendant, designed in Cornwall, UK...

Dew Sterling Silver

Dolphin Stud Earrings

  The incredibly intelligent dolphin makes a wonderful companion. Renowned for their playfulness, they glide effortlessly through the ocean, seen to leap out from the water when the seas get too rough. A gentle social creature, they are associated...
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