Vegan-Friendly Products to keep you smiling through Veganuary!

Since 2014, registered charity Veganuary (reg. no 1168566) has inspired and supported more than one million people to go vegan for January, and beyond. If you’re taking part or want to know more about a vegan-friendly lifestyle, don’t worry, you can still enjoy many of our bath, body and home fragrance treats!

We’ve rounded up some of our most popular vegan-friendly products so you can shop with confidence.

Bath Blasters:

sparkle-shine-blaster.png5-colours-in-her-hair-blaster.png Man Grenade bath blaster

  • Sparkle & Shine Bath Blaster 160g  

    The pure Sandalwood essential oils & Gold of Pleasure oil sparkle and send your senses into a glittering world of pure relaxation... It's your time to shine!

  • Five Colours in Her Hair Bath Blaster 160g

    Create a ribbon of rainbows as a multicoloured sensory experience throws a spectrum of scents into the atmosphere. Let the Mandarin & Jasmine pure essential oils colour your spirit and soul into a brighter shade of joy... It’s bound to get you singing!

  • Man Grenade Bath Blaster 200g

    Drop in and enjoy the bath of heroes with its explosive rush of Black pepper and Rosemary pure essential oils help to refresh and invigorate the soul.

Handmade Soap: 

crystal waters soap sliceLime & Black Pepper soap sliceCaiperina soap slice

  • Crystal Waters Soap Slice 100g

    Iced water freshness locked into a bar with a whirlpool of essential oils and a fragrant scent. With Lavender essential oil, you'll enjoy a refreshing blast of oceanic fragrance, with an ozonic heart and citrus top notes of Lime and Bergamot.

  • Lime & Black Pepper Soap Slice 100g

    An aromatic blend of zesty Limes with a subtle kick of Black Pepper to revive the senses as the blend of pure essential oils, renowned for their stimulating properties, reawaken your spirit!

  • Caiperina Soap Slice 100g

    An exotic cocktail of Brazillian lime and grapefruit essential oils that's so awakening it could make a three toed sloth shake his booty! (according to Bomb!) A fresh fragrance reminiscent of a white wine spritzer, with citrus top notes. Ideal for a summer's evening! 

Shower treats:

Dragonfruit cleansing shower butterKiwi & Lime Shower Scrub Reef Reviver Shower Soap

  • Dragonfruit Cleansing Shower Butter 365ml

    A more-ish rich, creamy shower butter to gently cleanse, moisturise and condition your skin with its natural Shea Butter. With Black Pepper & Marjoram essential oils and an enlivening dragon fruit fragrance, grapefruit and papaya accord to leave your soul singing!

  • Kiwi & Lime Oil Body Scrub 365ml

    A lightly grained kiwi and lime oil-based body scrub for use in the shower, made with sweet almond oil, pure lime and black pepper essential oils to help your skin shine! Gorgeously fruity fragrances leave you refreshed and ready to take on the world!

  • Reef Reviver Shower Soap 140g

    A refreshing shower soap to cleanse the body and awaken the mind with stimulating spearmint and eucalyptus oils to wash away fatigue. A cool & invigorating modern oceanic scent with sparkling marine characteristics interlaced with citrus and amber nuances.

Home Fragrance:

Little Hotties BoxFrozen Margarita Piped Candle Lily Flame Fairy Dust Scented Candle Tin

  • Little Hotties Wax Melts

    These best-selling wax melts are sold by the box: mix and match a range of floral, fruity, spicy and seasonal scents and enjoy up to 132 hours of fragrance!

  • Frozen Margarita Piped Candle

    A hugely popular fragrance, this cocktail-inspired candle features sharp citrus notes of lemon and lime, finished with a rim of sugar to give it a sweet finish, with pure Lime & Grapefruit essential oils.

  • Fairy Dust Scented Candle Tin

    The iconic Lily Flame fragrance! A difficult scent to describe; based on a fine fragrance, it's Powdery, Warm, Sparkly and Magical. In short- Fairy Dust!

    Hand-poured in a converted cowshed in Somerset, there’s something enchanting about Lily Flame. Although they don’t make much noise about it, their entire range is vegan-friendly.

Some notable mentions:

Sherbet Lemon Lip Scrub 10ml

This zesty classic uses a gentle sugar scrub to exfoliate your lips! With added shea butter, this sweet yet tangy balm will leave your lips feeling beautifully nourished!

Sherbet Lemon Lip Scrub

Love is in the Hair Shampoo Bar 50g

For Stressed Hair - Give your Hair some TLC as the almond oils gently kiss it back to health. Once Almond oil is incorporated into your hair care routine, the light oil can coat your hair, without weighing it down, to help it feel smoother to the touch. Paraben & Silicone Free, With a floral fragrance. 

Love is in the Hair Shampoo Bar

Coco Beach Body Butter 200ml

Enjoy the sensation of sun-drenched summer all year long with this tropic-inspired body butter, containing 30% shea butter and sunflower oil, plus pure chamomile and clary sage essential oils. This body butter will naturally moisturise, nourish and condition your body, and leave you smelling gorgeous with its oceanic and coconut fragrance with a citrus twist!

Coco Beach Body Butter

Velvet Strawberry Massage Bar 65g 

Soften your skin with the scent of sweet ripe strawberries combined with stimulating eucalyptus & warming black pepper oils. You'll feel energised, body and soul!

Velvet Strawberry Massage Bar

There's still more to see! You can browse our entire vegan-friendly range here :) 

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