Shower scrubs & butters

Our Body Polish is a butter rich, highly foaming and gently exfoliating body product to use in the shower.
It bubbles and moisturises whilst gently buffing away dead skin to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and contains pure essential oils as well!

Shower Scrubs are a more traditional oil-based scrub. We have used Sweet Almond Oil as a base which means after exfoliating, the oil creates a
barrier on the skin to ensure moisture is not lost, leaving you with gloriously silky skin and feeling sweetly scented.

Shower Butters are on another level of cleansing! These beauties are a rich, creamy shower gel that is semi-solid at room temperature.
As well as gently cleansing your body, the formulation contains natural Shea Butter to richly moisturise and condition your skin.